PLEASANTON Goods began in the home of Jenny out of the desire to start a small business that would fit into her family lifestyle.  Caring for her three children, two of whom have special needs, was and continues to be the priority.  However, the need for a creative outlet was also important.


After private sales fueled more investment into the project, a specialty shop  was born into a rented space in the 400 block of Main Street Paris.  With the success of this tiny shop came a move to a bigger space and the addition of Coffee and Tea to accompany the retail area.


Going into partnership with long time friend and confidant Gudrun Allen in early 2014, the dream team quickly grew PLEASANTON Goods into a Coffee Shop and Tea Room, as well as offering more retail products.   Gudrun and Jenny defined the ideals of PLEASANTON Goods even further, stressing above all, a strong commitment to their community.   That ideal was punctuated with the purchase of the Alexander House in January of 2015.  The major renovation project (check out our reno page) was a serious test of this community commitment, but fueled by support of the amazing city of PARIS, Kentucky (www.parisky.com). The renovation was completed and PLEASANTON Goods was open for business once again July 1, 2015.     

Gudrun left the business in 2018 to pursue her passion for yoga. She is now serving the Paris area as a certified yoga teacher.

It has been our privilege to serve the Paris Community and receive their unwavering support of our business and our ideals.  We feel that as consumers, we vote for the world we want to live in with each and every dollar we spend.  That is why PLEASANTON Goods can assure you that your dollar counts.  All of our artisanal bath and body products are made in small batches, here in the building, with organic and even food grade ingredients.  Special attention is paid to all of our ingredients to ensure they are ethically, environmentally and socially responsible.  

We are all in when in comes to local producers. With the new addition of the Lacey Bread Co. artisan bread and cookies to the organic Coffee roasted just one block down on Main St. at Caffe Marco, we strive to bring you quality, Kentucky products. We exclusively serve Elmwood Inn Teas, blended in Danville, Kentucky.  We are proud to be one of the only retailers in the area where you can buy a Cup of Elmwood Inn Tea or a few ounces to take home.  Giving our community access to the incredible variety of products made here in our state is part of our mission.  

In addition to Kentucky Proud products such as Peg's Pantry Jam, which we proudly sell retail, we offer Greater Good Products.  More specifically, Global Girlfriend.  This organization enables female artisans in places where women are at a severe disadvantage to sell their wares for fare and competitive prices.  All items are very well made and very well priced.  And in buying these products, you are helping these women send their children to school and support their families.

For all of these reason, you can be assured that the dollar you spend at PLEASANTON Goods will be going back into your community, where we live and where our children go to school, or your dollar will be helping a family that does not have the privileges we do here in our country.  This is what community is all about, and we are all about our community.  Join us!




The Alexander House has long been a main stay on Main Street of Paris, Kentucky.  Although she had suffered neglect over the past two decades, she now is in our loving and capable hands serving as a gathering spot for our tight knit community.

The generally accepted completion date for the Alexander House is 1815.  However, some documents we have had access to point to a date as early as 1790.  

The first residence of the house were William W. Alexander and Jane Stamps Alexander.  William was the son of the Sr. William Alexander, an early Hemp Plantation owner.  Jane Stamps was the daughter of Lucinda Farrar Davis Stamps, the sister of Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy. This is one of the many claims to historical fame that the Alexander House has as it is very apparent that Jefferson Davis stayed here many times in his travels, visiting his 'favorite niece' according to some of his writings.

Another famous resident of the Alexander House was Chester Harding.  Harding spent six months at the Alexander House painting over 100 portraits for $25.00 a piece.  This earned him enough money to study art in Philadelphia before going on to paint the most prominent people of the era, here in the United States and abroad.



our press

“What a great relaxing Saturday morning I got to spend with my daughter sipping tea and having adult conversation. Such a lovely place and right in our home town!  “

"In Paris for ball game-found this cute shop.  Historical house just renovated. Breathtaking.  Make the trip."

"Today I had my second lunch and shopping experience at Pleasanton Goods, and again was quite satisfied.  My quinoa bowl was satisfying and delicious.  I expect my girlfriend will enjoy her Bath Tea gift.  I know that it makes my favorite bath! I hope you've checked out these oh-so-pleasant goods.”

"Stopped for a girlie tea. Lovely! We borrowed hats, sipped tea from delightful China cups, and nibbled homemade scones with cream and jam. So yummy!"

"Beautiful interior, wonderful products, and very nice, helpful young ladies!"

“Was everything I hope d it would be and then some!!”

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Jane Stamps was the daughter of Lucinda Farrar Davis Stamps, the sister of Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy.

jefferson davis

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Harding spent six months at the Alexander House painting over 100 portraits for $25.00 a piece.

chester harding